Fashion Week 2013: My Favorite RTW Looks Pt. 2

If you haven’t seen my first post covering the earlier RTW lines, click here


So I’m back with even more of my favorite Ready-to-Wear lines from the various designers that I’ve seen during Fashion Week so far. (and again, not in person but from the comfort of my home!)  I have a feeling that I’m not even remotely done when it comes to picking out my favorite lines/runway shows.  I saw so many things I liked from designers who were among my favorites, designers whom I didn’t think I would like and from houses and brands that I hadn’t even heard of.  And we still have a couple of more days to go!  All I have to say is thank God for and their excellent coverage of every show and presentation.

The designers you’ll see after the jump:

***FYI: I have not posted pictures of the entire collections, only my favorites from each.  So if you’re interested in seeing more of any of these shows/presentations, please visit where you get the complete coverage!


Costello Tagliapietra

While it may be common to see beautifully draped dresses on a fashion runway, it still doesn’t cease to impress me and I was definitely impressed with this duo designers’ show, especially those floral prints that just scream to me “old lady chic!”

RTWF2013_Costello Tagliapietra1 RTWF2013_Costello Tagliapietra2 RTWF2013_Costello Tagliapietra3 RTWF2013_Costello Tagliapietra4 RTWF2013_Costello Tagliapietra5 RTWF2013_Costello Tagliapietra6 RTWF2013_Costello Tagliapietra7 RTWF2013_Costello Tagliapietra8





Sachin + Babi 

This combination of a “sporty” silhouette with a girlish edge intrigued me.  And yet again, I had fallen in love with a particular print and this time it was their abstract yet geometric horizontal print featured in the first two looks.  Sure, the sequined jumper may not be very practical to wear but it’s lovely to look at!

RTWF2013_Sachin + Babi1 RTWF2013_Sachin + Babi2 RTWF2013_Sachin + Babi3 RTWF2013_Sachin + Babi4 RTWF2013_Sachin + Babi5 RTWF2013_Sachin + Babi6 RTWF2013_Sachin + Babi7




Kelly Wearstler

Most of the pieces in this particular presentation I could honestly picture myself wearing, in one of my hours long fantasies in which I have the means to dress exactly the way I want to!  I had never heard of her before this week but her funky style and feminine edge will surely keep me coming back for more!

RTWF2013_Kelly Wearstler1 RTWF2013_Kelly Wearstler2 RTWF2013_Kelly Wearstler3 RTWF2013_Kelly Wearstler4 RTWF2013_Kelly Wearstler5 RTWF2013_Kelly Wearstler6 RTWF2013_Kelly Wearstler7 RTWF2013_Kelly Wearstler8




Kate Spade New York

Honestly, who doesn’t love Kate Spade?  Even if someone didn’t really dig her clothes, I’m sure they were eyeing one of her gorgeous bags!  Her Fall RTW presentation gave me “Fashion Life!”  Words to describe this line: Cute.  Quirky.  Fun.  Bright.  Girly.  And all of these words actually describe me so how could I not love it!

RTWF2013_Kate Spade NY1 RTWF2013_Kate Spade NY2 RTWF2013_Kate Spade NY3 RTWF2013_Kate Spade NY4 RTWF2013_Kate Spade NY5 RTWF2013_Kate Spade NY6 RTWF2013_Kate Spade NY7 RTWF2013_Kate Spade NY8 RTWF2013_Kate Spade NY9 RTWF2013_Kate Spade NY10 RTWF2013_Kate Spade NY11



Jason Wu

Jason Wu was one designer whom I knew wouldn’t let me down with the debut of his RTW line for the fall season.  After all, he is the infamous designer chosen on multiple occasions by the beautiful and ever stylish, Michelle Obama.  His dresses were to die for and his outerwear makes you wish it was Winter and Fall all year long!  I especially loved this sexy blouse with horizontal peeks.  But enough of my rambling, check it out for yourself!

RTWF2013_Jason Wu1 RTWF2013_Jason Wu2 RTWF2013_Jason Wu3 RTWF2013_Jason Wu4 RTWF2013_Jason Wu5 RTWF2013_Jason Wu6 RTWF2013_Jason Wu7 RTWF2013_Jason Wu8 RTWF2013_Jason Wu9 RTWF2013_Jason Wu10 RTWF2013_Jason Wu11




I hope you enjoyed this post and please stay tuned for more of my unique coverage of Fashion Week!  Also be sure to “like” my Facebook page for more pictures, fashion/beauty updates and just pure, fun randomness from little ol’ me!

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