Happy Fashion Week! My Favorite RTW Looks

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Even though I live in New York, unfortunately I’ve never been able to participate in NY Fashion Week but as always, I am a admirer from afar.  Today is the first day of the runway shows but a few Ready-to-Wear lines for Fall 2012 have debuted yesterday and after taking a look, I was able to pick out not only my favorite collections, but also my favorite looks from each collection!

All of my favorite looks are after the jump!


Juicy Couture

This RTW collection is definitely my kind of style; girly, simplistic, neutrals with pops of color.  Remember when JC was all about the velour sweat suits?  Well, no more!  I especially love the floral/stripe print and the leopard!

RTWF2013_Juicy Couture3 RTWF2013_Juicy Couture2 RTWF2013_Juicy Couture1 RTWF2013_Juicy Couture4 RTWF2013_Juicy Couture5




Lisa Perry

Designer Lisa Perry is obviously inspired by the 60’s Mod style and this particular fashion era just happens to be one of my favorites so I really appreciate her collection.  Even though the pieces are inspired by a past era, the pieces still easily fit into this day and age.  And that multicolored polka-dot coat….TO DIE FOR!

RTWF2013_Lisa Perry1 RTWF2013_Lisa Perry2 RTWF2013_Lisa Perry3 RTWF2013_Lisa Perry4 RTWF2013_Lisa Perry5 RTWF2013_Lisa Perry6





Looking back, this duo designers have kind of pushed the envelope a bit when it comes to their RTW Spring collection.  The Fall is little more subdued but maintains a flair and edginess that I feel stands out from the rest.  My favorite: those boots that seem to just go with everything!

RTWF2013_Skaist-Taylor1 RTWF2013_Skaist-Taylor2 RTWF2013_Skaist-Taylor3 RTWF2013_Skaist-Taylor4 RTWF2013_Skaist-Taylor5 RTWF2013_Skaist-Taylor6 RTWF2013_Skaist-Taylor7 RTWF2013_Skaist-Taylor8




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